Madison County Safety Council Program

Madison County Safety CouncilEstablished in 1985 as a subsidiary of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, the Madison County Safety Council is committed to providing safety information, training and recognition to achieve its goal of promoting a safe workplace. Whether your workplace is large or small, service, retail or manufacturing-based, MCSC has something to offer.

MCSC meets monthly to provide current and relevant information on new safety techniques, products, services and regulatory compliance. Meetings provide members with the opportunity to discuss safety concerns and seed guidance from peers.

Safety Council can help you:

  • Learn techniques for increasing safety in your workplace
  • Learn how to better manage your workers' compensation program
  • Network with other community employers
  • Access useful risk management information
  • Save money on workers' compensation premiums
  • Stay current and up to date on workplace safety trends, issues and news
  • Implement new safety programs and products into your workplace
  • Educate employees on the importance of safety and adhering to all company policies and procedures

To earn a rebate, employers must meet the following eligibility requirements set by the Ohio BWC:

  • Attend at least 10 meetings annually
  • The company President or CEO must attend one meeting annually
  • Submit two Semi-Annual Reports; one in January and one in July

Rebates are available for Non-Group Rated employers, Group Experience Rated employers and Group Retrospective Rated employers. Self-Insured employers are not eligible for rebates but are encouraged to attend Safety Council meetings to stay current on trends and to help promote safe workplaces throughout the county. 

  • Non-Group Rated employers can earn a two percent participation rebate and have the potential to earn an additional two percent performance bonus
  • Group Experience Rated employers can earn a two percent performance rebate
  • Group Retrospective Rated employers can earn a two percent participation rebate

To earn a performance rebate, employers must reduce the severity of frequency of injuries by 10 percent or maintain both at zero. 

Member Documents and Information

2014 Semi-Annual Report