Business Advisory Council

The mission of the Business Advisory Council is to develop the connections between Madison County businesses and the four local schools, the career center and the educational service center. The connection will enhance the educational opportunities for students in the community by providing them with information on local career opportunities and the educational pathway that should be pursued to secure employment. It will look for ways to establish and sustain a talented workforce in Madison County.

Business Advisory Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide two-way communication or input between the business and school community
  • To increase the involvement of business in improving the educational program of all schools so that it matches the needs of the business ConferenceResourcecommunity
  • To provide schools with input on future employment needs and opportunities
  • To enhance the understanding of the business community on current educational trends and legislation which may be obstacles to meeting the needs of local business
  • To create partnerships between local businesses and the districts that will provide Madison County students with career awareness, mentoring, job shadowing and internships
  • As mandated by Sub. HB 49 develop a plan that delineates needed employment skills and if appropriate develop the curriculum to instill those skills curriculum
  • As mandated by Sub. HB 49 advises local boards of education on the job market and types of employment in which future jobs are going to be available
  • The BAC and the ESC Board (representing the Madison County School Boards) will file a joint statement describing how the involved parties have fulfilled their responsibilities


  • Representatives from local businesses including manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, retail, service industry, government and non-profits.
  • Representatives from all four local school districts, the career technical center, and the educational service center


  • Chair responsible for creating the agenda with input from members and facilitating the regular meetings
  • Recording secretary responsible for creating and maintaining minutes from each meeting of the BAC


  • The BAC will meet quarterly
  • The BAC will be invited to meet quarterly with the Madison-Champaign ESC Governing Board to fulfill the requirements of Sub. HB 49

To be included in the Madison County Business Advisory Council, please contact David at the Madison County Chamber.