Madison County Trails

Madison Trails

Madison County is filled with incredible Biking Trails

The Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails is an organization that is passionate about the bike paths in and around Madison County. This dedicated group of volunteers’ primary goal has been to complete and maintain the critical link of the Ohio to Erie trail that runs through Madison County.

The Trails

The Ohio to Erie Trail stretches over 300 miles across Ohio, from Cincinnati to Cleveland, using land formerly occupied by railroads and canals. The trail, which passes through Madison County can be broken down into segments, with each segment offering special scenery and activities for people to enjoy: 

  • Madison County TrailsThe Prairie Grass Trail is a 29.8 mile stretch of the Ohio to Erie Trail connecting Xenia to London. The trail has food and facilities located at Cedarville, Xenia, South Charleston, and London. In London, you will find a newly opened and one-of-a-kind trailside campground behind the Madison County Senior Center.
  • The Roberts Pass Trail stretches 6.5 miles from Downtown London to beautiful and rural Fairfield Township. After visiting shops in Downtown London, head east on the trail towards Columbus. During this stretch of the trail, you will see magnificent farmland and at the same time experience stretches of tree-covered trails. 
  • The Camp Chase Trail is a 16-mile stretch of the Ohio to Erie Trail stretching through eastern Madison County from Lily Chapel to Southwest Columbus. One of the highlights of the trail is its connection to Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, a beautiful piece of land with 7,000 acres of prairies and forests.