Plain City Clock TowerVisit Plain City and enjoy one of the largest collection of Amish shops in the region.

Plain City is conveniently located at the juncture of Rt. 161 and Rt. 42, just 10 minutes from the city of Dublin, and 15 minutes from Marysville.
The Village lies in what is known as the Virginia Military District. Jonathan Alder, who spent his boyhood with the Indians near Zanesfield in Logan County, lived in a number of places along Big Darby, several of which were in the vicinity of Plain City. One of his cabin sights was along the creek east of the present North Avenue. After having moved several times from lands claimed by the first settlers, Alder finally gained title to land south of Plain City on Chillicothe Road where his cabin stood for many years.

During the 1850’s, when cries of slavery and abolition were rampant over the nation, Plain City, which was formerly called Pleasant Valley, was an important station on the Underground Railroad, which shuttled slaves northward to Canada. Some of the newly freed people remained here and their descendants still live in the community.

On a cool April night in 1865, the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln passed through Pleasant Valley on its slow journey to Chicago. Townspeople lit bonfires along the track in a silent tribute to the dead president.

The Village of Plain City, with its friendly Midwestern charm, excellent schools, and strong sense of community, is a great small town.

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