chamber awards dinner
March 10, 2016

Our Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner is presented every year to keep our members informed and to honor the standouts- businesses and individuals- from the previous year.  The event is less of a fundraiser and more of a way to recognize the efforts of the community.  In 2016 we were proud to present awards the Dwyer Bros. Hardware award to Madison Health, the Brillo award to Keihin Thermal Technology of America, the Bell Ringer Award to Mark Cowan, and we presented Joan Denes with our Honorary Board Member award for her dedication to the chamber and for being a part of the inaugural board. 

Attendance was up from 105 in 2015 to 120 in 2016 and we only hope to continue the growth and interest. 


golf tournament
June 9, 2016

The Chamber’s annual Golf Outing is an event the county looks forward to each year.  A little friendly competition is healthy for anyone- and that is exactly what we see on the golf course.  The 2016 golf outing raised about $7,000 and despite the scorching, sticky, weather, it was a huge success. 

In 2017 we hope to incorporate a few more “fun activities” at each hole, increase our sponsorships, and encourage more people to join us for our picnic after the outing is complete.  


farm science review
September 20-22, 2016

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, The Farm Science Review is the perfect way to get involved as a volunteer!  The Chamber of Commerce sells soda at FSR out of two Pepsi trailers, and it simply would not be possible without the help of our volunteers.  People from all over the county came out to sell soda, empty trash, clean the tent, haul cases of pop and ice, and greet the hundreds of people we served. 

Raising over $7,500, the fundraiser is imperative to our organization.  In the future, we hope to increase our volunteer base, and of course our sales!


chamber eventJoin us on October 27, 2016

The Chamber’s largest fundraiser, Bonanza, is gaining a reputation as the “go-to event of the year.” 

We are so excited about the strides this event has made in recent years.  Bringing in almost $15,000 in 2015, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Bonanza.  An evening of great  food and drinks, a reverse lottery with the chance to win $3,000, an extensive silent auction, and the opportunity to network with over 100 local business people,

Bonanza has something for everyone. 

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