Historic Plain City is home to a small town feeling of warmth and hospitality and offers endless opportunities as a prosperous place to live, work, shop and conduct business. Uptown Plain City Organization (UPCO) is an innovative group of volunteers who are focused on the growth and development of the Historic Uptown District. The passionate team of visionaries at UPCO is committed to historic restoration, preservation and revitalization and is dedicated to helping guide Plain City’s prosperous future. 

In 1818, Isaac Bigelow founded the town of Westminster, which in 1872 was renamed Plain City. The town had the advantage of being located on early Post Road, which was a main thoroughfare for settlers traveling to the west. In the 1820s, businesses sprang up as the area’s population increased. Today, Plain City is witnessing exceptional residential growth thanks to its enviable small town charm and proximity to metropolitan Columbus.

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