Cultivating People, Businesses and Agriculture

Established in 1959, the Madison County Chamber of Commerce is the largest non-profit organization in Madison County. It is an organization that is by and for its members meaning that each of its 300+ member businesses and their employees has the empowerment to shape the organization and make a difference in Madison County.

Making a difference is what we do best. We go beyond the typical chamber of commerce’s mission of working to create a better business environment, and work to improve every aspect of our community.


We recognize that a community is an ecosystem of business and economic development; education and training; culture; recreation; health care; agriculture; and services such as police, fire and transportation.

Therefore, the Chamber works closely with community governments, hospitals, schools, libraries, residents, developers, farmers, businesses and non-profits to cultivate people, business and agriculture.

Strong relationships have created the ability to work in teams on economic development, marketing and promotion of our county and communities, creation of opportunities for everyone especially our youth, revitalizing our downtowns, integrating business and agriculture, strengthening our schools, etc.

The Chamber of Commerce’s London, Mt. Sterling, Plain City and West Jefferson Business Councils utilize the Chamber’s vast network of services, resources and relationships at a local level.

The members of the Chamber see their businesses, organizations and communities grow due to their investment of time, effort and money they make into their Chamber. Those that invest the most receive the most benefits.

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Find out how you or your organization can be part of this dynamic energy.

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